Copper clad steel earth rod

copper clad steel earth rod

Copper clad steel earth rod


  • Low carbon steel core
  • 99.95% pure copper
  • Effective than Galvanized Ground Rods
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing techniques
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  • Steel material: low carbon steel
  • Bar diameter: 3/8in. (9mm)
  • Copper thickness: 0.15mm
  • Length:1200mm
  • Type: unthreaded clad steel earth rod
  • Packaging: 2000pcs per steel pallet


Adhensive test


The product can be widely used in the communications industry, power systems, building systems, military installations, railway systems, broadcasting systems and other equipment industries, the AC and DC work, safely protected, especially suitable for harsh surface environment, corrosion resistance requirements to ground engineering, its market prospect is very broad.