earth spike

Driving head


Threaded ground rod driving tip to assist in driving sectional ground rods into the earth

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    Earth spike is made of the high strength steel # 45 and produced by special hardening treatment process. It uses the thread (or riveted) fixed to the ground rods, which is conducive to the grounding rod into the hard soil layer, and this protects the ground rod. Drilling head is widely used in earthing project with it's Strong corrosion resistance, Good conductivity, and long use life.
  • 1.Materials: Steel #45
  • 2. Function: Protection of ground rod and convenience into the ground.
  • 3. Advantage: Strong corrosion resistance, Good conductivity, and 50 years use life
  • 4. Operating: Very simple and convenient
Earth Spike For Ground Rod
Item Numbe SBK-H12 SBK-H58 SBK-H34 SBK-H88
Ground Rod Diameter, Nominal 1/2" 5/8" 3/4" 1"